Blue Ribbon Team

David and Gina Abbott

Jon and Michelle Baumann

Phil and Evie Dohn

Dennis and Jan Everson

Tim and Susan Fanta

James and Sheila Fitzgerald

Jay and Kathy Fitzgerald

Gail and Debra Gubbels

Elmer Hasker

Michael and Geraldine Healy

Eric and Sarah Heine

Dan and Paula Hicks

Dick Hunhoff

Rev. Carlton Hermann

Wayne and Lori Ibarolle

Randy and Linda Johnson

Eugene and Karen Kocer

Leo and Carol Kopetsky 

Luverne (Bud) Lange

Danny Lammers

Fr. Tim Lange

Larry and Lori Leader

Tim and Lorie Mulhair

Robert and Lori Stephenson

Brian and Marie Steward

Richard and Mary Strom

Bradley and Jessica Woerner